My stream cut out before I even started the other piece and I didn’t finish the little thing at the end either. I need to get more memory for my computer so I can up the quality of these videos. 

perihn replied to your photosetWhat ended up coming out of my livestream. Thanks…

they’re both lovely, the soft colors on the top is very soothing :3 the bottom seems a bit more like vent art, i hope you’re doing well!

Thank you Per! I get frustrated easily, which doesn’t help art block :/ vicious cycle bleh.

i love color of both and athmosphere even if the second one make me want to cry a bit, hope everything oki >< i was happy to come, sorry not stayed a lot ;w; but was a good lesson for me to watch you °0°

It’s okay! I wasn’t even sure if I was gonna stream or not I’m just glad you could make it :D

Wow? how many hours was it on? you did these two in same session?!

It was about 4 hours but it ended before I started the second one, which was another hour and a half. I sped it up for those who don’t want to watch a video for that long @.@ and clipped out my snack breaks.

I MISSED IT NOOOOOO. T _ T Lmao, to be fair tough, I hadn’t slept yesterday, so I would’ve been pretty wothless to talk to or even spectate. xD I HOPE YOU DO ANOTHER ONE! D8 I like the top one, with it’s warm autumn colors. :D

It’s okay, middle of the day and early in the week is a weird time to stream anyway. I was just extremely bored and ronery. I hope to do another one too! Maybe I’ll have an actual idea this time haha.