Dream item #27: A sewing machine so quiet that I can work at 3 am when those random “make things now” urges hit.

I can’t be the only one who gets those.

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Commissions!! \ 0 /


In the hopes that maybe, in the far future, I will be able to afford my own house in-game, I am opening up sketch commissions!

Here’s the deal:

- I only have lvl. 50 characters on Balmung, so this is a Balmung server only deal, sorry!

-For now, I will only take commissions for FFXIV characters; I may expand on this in the near future, though.

- I will take commissions in the order that I receive asks in. Having a Tumblr will definitely help, especially since I’ll tag you in it when it’s done to let you know! :>

- One slot per person, for now!

- When you send your request, please try to include references, either written or visual. The more the better.

- The sketches will all be waist-up; whether you’d like a 3/4 view, profile or whatever is up to you!

To start, I’ll have five open slots. As soon as I receive the request, one slot is filled by that person. Payments can be sent to either A’hl Azeiph or Puccio D’aniello, doesn’t matter who! If you want to add me to your friend’s list in game to make contact easier, that’s perfectly ok! Once payment is received, I get to work! :>

The Price: 70k Gil per picture (if you feel the urge to tip, I don’t mind, but it’s not necessary!)

Art Examples:




Even if you’re not interested, I appreciate you looking! m (   ) m

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